Friday, September 3, 2010

The Man Repeller

You guys have to check out this blog
The Man Repeller

It is absolutely hilarious, the list of items that can get men scratching their heads. Everything from jumpsuits, clogs, summer socks, leopard, fur, etc. I'm sure every girl who is into fashion and has a straight boyfriend can relate. I can definitely say that my boyfriend hates almost everything I own in my closet, excluding my plain t-shirts and jeans. (He himself is a simple jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, nothing flashy).

The other day I was at his apartment with my peep toe booties, and he said to me, "Your fashion is wack, why do you have the most hideous shoes, can't you just have a normal heel?" I laughed, and changed into my clogs with a spiked belt & leopard scarf where he just sat there nodding his head in disapproval.

Oh to simple men....don't you know that we never dress to impress you? Lol, it is just too amusing.

Chao Girlies!

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